CCA3PC50 Red Lion Controls



3 Pin Connector; Ext Cable; 50Ft

Product Specifications
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Length 50' (15.24m)
Primary Type Cable
Type Extension



LOGIC MAGNETIC PICKUPS (LMP's) provide sensing sensitivities several orders of magnitude greater than standard magnetic pickups when detecting moving ferrous targets. By locating a high gain pre-amplifier & signal processing circuit “inside' the mag pickup housing, larger airgaps and slower target surface speeds can be achieved thereby greatly expanding application versatility as compared with conventional mag pickups. In addition, these units have excellent noise immunity and a frequency response to 10 KHz. The stainless steel sensing pole is mounted flush to the plastic sensing face allowing greater ease of setting airgaps and eliminating snagging the pole with a moving target. Two output types are available (see ordering information). The NPN Open Collector Transistor Output unit provides a negative going current sinking output with the approach of a ferrous target and is current limited to 40 mA. The Transistor Emitter-Follower Output unit provides positive going 5 V pulses with the approach of a ferrous target and can source 20 mA of load current. The Open Collector units are available with either an integrally potted 10, 25 or 50 foot 3-wire shielded cable with neoprene strain re lief boot or a polarized 3-pin 5/8'-24 threaded connector for quick change versatility (see following page for mating extension cable). The Emitter-Follower output unit is available in the 3-pin connector version only