Option Cards

VACON NX OPTIONS I/O cards                          
PRODUCT CODE         Description           Suitability      
OPT-A1         6DI, 1DO, 2AI(mA/V), 1AO(mA/V), +10 Vref, +24 V/EXT+24 V       NXS, NXP      
OPT-A2         2RO(NO/NC)           NXS, NXP      
OPT-A3         1RO(NO/NC), 1RO(NO), 1T1           NXS, NXP      
OPT-A4         3DI(Encoder RS422), Out +5 V/+15 V         NXP (NXS)      
OPT-A5         3DI(Encoder 10...24V), Out +15 V/+24 V         NXP (NXS)      
OPT-A7         Double encoder (Wide Range), 6D1, 2xDO           NXP      
OPT-A8         As NXOPTA1, but analog I/O and +10Vref galv. de-coupled as a group       NXS, NXP      
OPT-A9         As NXOPTA1, but 2,5 mm² terminals, not with AF board         NXS, NXP      
OPT-AA         3DI, 1RO(NO/NC), 1DO           NXL      
OPT-AE         Encoder board (Wide Range), 3DI(Encoder 10...24 V), Out +15 V/+24 V, 2DO (encoder divider and direction)  NXP (NXS)      
OPT-AF-V         STO SIL2/PL"d" + ATEX appr. Thermistor, all boards need to be varnished       NXP      
OPT-AI         I/O expander board for NXL, 3DI, 1RO (NO), Thermistor         NXL      
OPT-AK-V         SIN/COS encoder interface           NXP      
OPT-AL-V         6DI (42…240VAC), 2AI, 2AO, 1DO, Out 15 V / 24 V         NXS, NXP      
OPT-AN-V         6DI galv. de-coupled as a group, 2AI and 2AO (Programmable 0…20mA, 4…20mA, 0…10V, 2…10V, -10…+10V) NXP      
OPT-B1   &nbs